Gardening Policies

Allocation of Plots and Annual Fees

Plots are allocated and fees will be collected according to the following set of policies.

  1. An applicant for a garden plot must reside in The Village on False Creek, whether as owner or tenant of a unit, and may not apply for more than one plot. If more than one resident lives in a unit, they may only apply for one plot.
  2. Residents of buildings who have been allocated a plot in their building’s garden may not apply for an additional plot in the community garden.
  3. Residents who have been allocated a plot and then decide not to reside in The Village on False Creek relinquish their plot.
  4. Applicants must apply by email to then by filling in the application on this website under How to Apply tab to the Society and provide the following information: name, address, phone number, follow up contact preference (phone or email), if a wheelchair accessible plot is required.  All applications will be recorded by the Secretary of the Society in a register.
  5. If there are no plots available a waitlist will be in use. When a plot becomes available, the applicant at the top of the wait list will be contacted first to determine whether or not a plot is still required. If not, the next applicant will be contacted and so on until an applicant on the wait list confirms they would like to have the use of the available plot.  To ensure that the Society and its members comply with the Community Garden Licence Agreement with the City of Vancouver,  starting in the 2015 gardening season, all members will be required to acknowledge their participation by completing and signing the Community Garden Membership Agreement
  6. Applicants who have  been allocated plots shall pay an annual fee of $50 to confirm the allocation of the plot and become a member of the Society.  Annual fee covers the growing season March 1 to February 28 of the following year. It must be paid no later than March 31. If the fee is not paid by that date, or a member decides not to use their plot in accordance to the Member Agreement, the plot will be deemed relinquished or withdrawn and the procedure referred to in paragraph 5 above will be followed.
  7. Plots are not transferable and no fees that have been paid will be refunded.

Gardening Practices

By becoming a member of the Society by paying the annual fee, all gardeners agree to garden according to these practices. Failure to do so may result in the plot being withdrawn.  Click here for a PDF version of the practices and policies.

  1. Organic practices shall be followed and gardeners must not use synthetic herbicides, insecticides, fungicides or any other type of synthetic pesticide.
  2. Gardeners are responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of their plots and surrounding area. They may only grow in their allocated plot and not elsewhere. Watering, weeding, harvesting and other garden related maintenance are also their responsibility. All plots will be aesthetically pleasing in all seasons.
  3. If a gardener is away for part of the growing season, or if a gardener is unable to tend their plot for any other reason, the gardener should inform the Society and arrange for someone to tend to their plot while they are away.
  4. Gardeners will keep weeds managed so that seeds do not spread to neighbouring plots. All pathways will be kept clear so that they are free of weeds, plants/planters, trash and debris.
  5. Gardeners will only grow annual and perennial edibles, medicinal plants and flowers that are non-invasive.
  6. Tall crops may only be grown where they do not shade neighbouring plots. Woody plants such as shrubs and trees are not permitted.
  7. Trellises, pergolas, cold frames or other structures are permitted on plots if they do not shade any other plot. Hoop houses to protect tomatoes and other crops susceptible to blight are also permitted but only if they do not shade other plots.
  8. Gardeners shall compost weeds and plant materials in the designated areas. Any waste not suitable for compost must be removed from the garden area.
  9. Gardeners may only pick from their own plot and not from their neighbour’s plot unless the neighbour has given permission to do so.
  10. Gardeners may use the water system as needed, but must make sure that it is turned off and not dripping when not in use.
  11. Gardeners may arrange for others to water or share their plots.
  12. Gardeners shall clean and return any borrowed communal tools to the storage area and will assist in keeping the area tidy.
  13. All gardeners must advise the Secretary of the Society of any change of address, email address or phone numbers so that they can be readily contacted when necessary.
  14. Gardeners agree to indemnify and hold the Society and the City of Vancouver harmless from any liability, loss, damage or claim that arises or results from their use of their plot and garden area including their invitees.
  15. All gardeners agree to participate in any communal clean-up parties or maintenance work parties that may be arranged.

Last Updated Spring 2023