About Us

The Village on False Creek Community Garden Society was incorporated on July 21, 2011. You may review our Constitution and Bylaws, and our Certificate of Insurance and Certificate of Incorporation.

The mission of the Society is:

to contribute to community building, healthy eating, and active living, by creating and operating community gardens for residents of The Village on False Creek.

Our vision is for the community garden to:

  • be a peaceful place for residents to grow plants, where people welcome, look out for, and learn from each other;
  • include primarily vegetable gardening, with some ornamentals, and herbs;
  • be operated in a healthy, natural, sustainable manner, using organic growing methods; and
  • be inclusive and accessible by everybody, including those with physical and financial limitations.

The garden operates under licence to the City of Vancouver. A copy of the licence agreement can be found here.

The current Directors of the Society are:

  • We will be electing new members for 2019-2020.

We will be pleased to hear from you. Any questions, comments and suggestions can be sent to our email at villagecommunitygardens@gmail.com.